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Howlite Goddess Statue

Howlite Goddess Statue

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Howlite has to be one of my absolute favorite stones, so it's perhaps no surprise that you'll be able to find it in many forms here in the shop!

Howlite, sometimes called White Turquoise, has gentle grey veining and is a peaceful stone. Howlite works to help you maintain and improve your current emotional equilibrium. It is a powerful tool when you need to work through uncomfortable or negative emotions, like anger and resentment. 

Wearing or meditating with Howlite is restorative, soothing one's spirit with gentle warmth and encouraging support.

These towers look great on a desk, tucked on a bookshelf among other treasures, or sitting on a bedside table so it can work while you sleep.

Affirmation: Peace is always available within me.

Howlite is available in pebble form in the Self-Love Bundle, as a bracelet, as a full set of meditation beads, and as a "Pocket of Peace" meditation bead set.

Details: This listing is for *one* crystal/stone, which will be intuitively selected for you. Each figurine measures approximately 2" tall and 1.0" wide.


All pieces are energetically cleansed and recharged with Reiki energy, so it arrives fresh and ready to work for you. Feel free to set your own affirmation after you receive your piece.   

Please note the main materials used are made by Mother Nature herself, so actual colors and inclusions will vary. Photos are representative, but may not be of the actual stone you will receive.
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This information does not intend to serve as medical advice and should not be relied upon in your health-related decision making. Any information is solely meant to assist in expanding your knowledge of prevailing metaphysical beliefs.