About Rebe



I'm Rebe (sounds like Debbie with an "R") and I'm so glad you're here!

I am a certified trauma-informed Breathwork Facilitator, intuitive Reiki Master and meditation teacher, specializing in teaching YOU how to fit these spiritual and healing practices into YOUR life.

If you're like I was a couple years ago, then you're here because you're feeling stressed and disconnected and you are searching for something that will help you find a "Piece of Peace" inside your mind and for your home.

I've always been drawn to shiny, pretty things and started my "rock collection" as a kid, begging my mom to buy me the pebbles we're all familiar with in tourist destinations.

Little did I know then that crystals would become not only a passion of mine, but an integral part of my daily life as I searched for a deeper connection to myself, nature, and the divine kernel that is inside each of us.

The were also apparently a catalyst - starting me down a wild and wonderful path to a full-on spiritual renaissance.

Over the years I have dabbled in everything from tarot to astrology to Human Design to then finding and falling so, so deeply in love with meditation and Reiki energy work.

You'll never hear me tell you that there is any one right way to do things - I will always point you back to yourself as the ultimate expert on what will work for you.

When I'm not teaching a class, slinging pretty rocks, or deep in a transformational healing session with a client, I'm a dark chocolate loving voracious reader. I'm also a mama of 2 boys + a yellow lab and co-lead this circus with my husband of 20 years. I'm happiest either next to my fireplace or with my toes in the ocean...but as a Cancer Sun and Pisces moon, does that surprise anyone? nope. 🤣