Sizing Guide and Care Instructions

Sizing Guide

A ruler, tape measure, piece of string, and iPhone charging cable all lay on a wooden board.

In order to choose the correct size bracelet for yourself, you will need either a measuring tape or a ruler and a length of something flexible. You can use string, rope, ribbon, or even the cord from your phone charger! As long as it will wrap around your wrist and then lay flat for measuring you're set.

a tape measure is wrapped around a woman's wrist

If you have a measuring tape, it's a one-step process. Wrap the tape around your wrist snugly and see what your wrist measurement is in inches.

women's hands hold a length of string over an orange ruler

If you don't have a measuring tape, grab a length of something flexible.

a woman wraps a length of string around her wrist

Wrap it around your wrist and hold the spot where the end connected with the tail of the string.

a woman measures a length of string against an orange ruler

Then, still holding that spot, lay the string down on your ruler and note the length in inches.

Bracelets are made with a stretchy filament, but will not stretch out. If you measure in between sizes available, please order the next larger size.

If you need a custom size, larger or smaller than our standard options, please message us to see if it is available for the product(s) you have selected.

Care Instructions

Freya's Haven's bracelets are made with great care and we recommend the following steps to ensure they last you a long time.

Do not exercise, shower, or sleep in your bracelets.

If they get dusty, a soft cloth can be used to gently wipe them clean. Never use jewelry cleaner or other harsh soaps on them. Water and a soft cloth is all you should ever use and only as necessary.

Your bracelet is working hard for you on an energetic level, so give it a rest every night by simply taking it off and putting it somewhere safe. If you'd like, you may also place it outside or in a windowsill during the full moon every month to give it an extra energy boost and dose of magick. ❤️

The same applies for all the other crystal pieces we sell!  They've been in the Earth for millions of years, growing with you in mind. Treat your stones with care and they'll last you a lifetime.