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Howlite Meditation Beads

Howlite Meditation Beads

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Meditation beads are useful when you'd like to work with mantras during your meditation practice. Each is constructed from 108 beads and a larger focus bead, with hand-tied knots in between each bead and a fluffy tassel at the end. As each bead was strung, it was infused with one of the 3 mantras chosen for this particular set. If you'd like to use your own mantras, feel free! One trip through all 108 beads with your mantras "reprograms" the set for you. 


For more information about meditating with a set of these beads, visit our Journal.

Howlite, with its gentle grey veining, is a peaceful stone, helping you maintain and improve your current emotional equilibrium. It is also useful when you need to work through uncomfortable or negative emotions, like anger and resentment. 

Black Jasper is a protective stone, with the ability to ground your energy. It is supportive during times of stress, which makes it perfect as the focus bead to end your meditation session.

Mantras for Meditating with this set:

  1. I am at peace.
  2. Peace can always be found within me.
  3. My peace impacts the world.

DetailsThis set of meditation beads is dramatic, measuring 44 inches in total length. It is made with 8mm Howlite beads and a 10mm Black Jasper focus bead. These beads are perfectly sized for running through your fingers during meditation and will look stunning displayed in your ritual area. However, to be completely honest, this set might be a little heavy to wear as a necklace (but I'm a wuss with heavy necklaces and earrings, so it might not phase you). 

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