What is Reiki? Plus FAQs

What is Reiki? Plus FAQs

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy work, developed in the early 1900s in Japan. The word Reiki means “universal life force.” During a session your practitioner will channel this life force into you, so that it may work towards your highest good. You can think of it like a massage for your stressed out non-physical bits – your spirit, your mind, your emotions, your energy.

How does it work?

Reiki is the act of channeling this Universal life force energy into a client, where it is then directed/used by the client’s higher self to balance and heal whatever needs the most attention. You may think you need Reiki to work on your sprained ankle, but maybe the most urgent need is actually something emotional or spiritual, like clearing your Heart chakra.

As energy, working with it is not restricted to space or time, which allows your practitioner to send you Reiki from across the world, even while you sleep, as long as they have your permission to do so.

Sounds pretty wild, doesn’t it?

But think about it for a second – have you ever received a heartfelt card or email from someone and while reading it you could literally feel the love and energy from them “land” in your heart & soul? That was you receiving energy over distance and through time. Same goes for the fight you had over the telephone with your friend during high school…you know you felt every bit of that energy, too.

Reiki works the same way, but always, always, always for your highest good.

This is how Reiki can be sent over vast distances and through time. We can send Reiki back in time to a painful experience you may have had and we can also send it forward to an event we know is coming up, like a job interview, a trip, or just a really hectic day that could use a boost. Reiki knows no bounds.

What is a virtual session like?

Receiving Reiki can be a really beautiful experience, even though it can be intense at times. Here at Freya’s Haven, I am only providing virtual Reiki services at the moment, so that’s what we’ll focus on here. During a session we will start by connecting live via Google Meet and going over any important bits from your intake form. Then I will invite you to get comfy – you will be in a meditative state for much of the session, so I encourage clients to lie down, cover up with a blanket, and have some water nearby for afterwards.

                           a brown haired woman received Reiki from Rebe, owner of Freya's Haven

Once you’re settled, I will start with a guided meditation and then I will let you know when I begin to channel Reiki. I channel Reiki in silence so I can focus my whole attention on you, but I will have some zen music going to keep you relaxed. From time to time, a word, image, or message may pop into my mind for you, so you might hear me pick up a pen and jot it down so I don’t forget to tell you at the end. Don’t worry – I’m not checking my phone!

As your Reiki session is coming to an end, I will gently ring a singing bowl to let you know we’re finishing up. I will guide you through the reawakening process and then once you’re fully conscious again we will have time to chat about anything that may have come up for you or through me for you before we end the session.

 Other Practicalities for Sessions

  • Much like visiting a spa, receiving Reiki is most enjoyable in a peaceful environment. You are encouraged to silence your phone, get your pets out of the room, and let housemates and loved ones know not to disturb you during this self-care time you’ve carved out for yourself.

  • You will want to make sure your device is fully charged so we don’t lose connection mid-session. Should this happen, though not to worry. I will keep sending you Reiki until the end of your session and will drop you a quick note if any messages came through for you.

  • Many clients like to journal right after a Reiki session when the “Divine downloads” or intuitive hits are freshest – much like writing down a dream immediately after waking so you don’t lose it – so having paper and pen nearby is a great idea. Even if you’re not normally one to journal – trust me on this.

  • Have something non-alcoholic and non-caffeinated ready to sip on as you wake up from your meditative state. Drinking water will help ground you back into your body and settle any energetic feathers that may have been ruffled.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reiki good for? AKA: Why should I get Reiki?

Technically Reiki is good for anything. Literally. My personal Reiki Master/mentor will tell you she Reiki’s everything – from the safety of her luggage on a trip, to the traffic on her way somewhere, to the plants on her windowsill. You can Reiki your food and water, you can Reiki a blog post like this, and you can Reiki your stubbed big toe.

But I get what you mean. For me, I started with Reiki because I was feeling overwhelmed, tired, and stressed out. Reiki is for your emotions, spirit, mind, and energy like getting a massage is for your body. It’s part relaxation and part working out the knots and junk that are making you tender.

What if I’m already seeing a doctor/specialist/therapist/etc.?

As Reiki is non-invasive, it is a good complement for any other work you’re doing with medical, healthcare, and mental health providers. There are no known contraindications (reasons why you shouldn’t do Reiki) as Reiki is always working holistically and only ever for your highest good.

You should NEVER stop or change any therapies, medications, or regular appointments with health care professionals without consulting with whoever prescribed it.

How often should I receive Reiki?

While this is largely up to your own personal preference, much like receiving a physical massage, greatest results come from consistency and a reasonable frequency. Some clients receive Reiki weekly, but bi-weekly or monthly is most common.

If I’m uncomfortable can I move? Itch my nose? Roll over on my side?

Yes! Please do whatever you need to be comfortable during a session, even if that changes mid-session. While I wouldn’t suggest you to get up and move to a new location, if you need to shift because your back is bothering you, or blow your nose, please do so. No need to let me know or apologize or anything, just take care of yourself and then return to your relaxed & meditative state as quickly as you can.

My mind races and meditation is super hard for me – will this still work?

My mind is busy while receiving Reiki sometimes, too. I’m happy to help you work on building your mindfulness & meditation practice through my Meditation in Moments course, but what I normally do is count my breaths. In is 1, out is 2, in is 3, out is 4, and so on until I hit 20. Then I start over. Somewhere along the way, I will lose concentration and start to think again. When that happens I just start over. In is 1, out is 2… over and over until either my mind settles or my session is over.

Will I feel anything physically during Reiki?

You very well might! People have reported feeling everything from muscle twitches, tingling, buzzing, and pins-and-needles (like your arm was asleep and is waking up) to feeling the sensation of heat or cold. And the fact of the matter is that you likely won’t feel exactly the same thing or to the same degree during every Reiki session. Reiki energy flows where it is needed most and works how it is needed each time. Your Reiki practitioner cannot control the experience, nor can you. You just have to trust that it is doing exactly what it needs to today, in this moment.

All that being said, though, if any sensation (emotional or physical) becomes too much and you need a break or for your practitioner to back off – please speak up! Reiki work can be intense – so if anything starts to be too much you need to say something. Especially in a virtual session, I’m not right there to notice your brow furrowing, or your breathing pattern change, etc. to know when you might be feeling overwhelmed or triggered. So please let me know if anything isn’t feeling right immediately.

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What are your refund or cancellation, rescheduling, and late arrival policies for Reiki?

Reiki services are refundable and you may cancel your session until 2 hours prior to your appointment time. At which time, if you need to reschedule, every effort will be made to find a time within the next two weeks to complete your session. I do not accept same day appointments or rescheduling.

Sessions are expected to begin and end on time, out of the utmost respect for both your and my time and schedules.

If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, you will receive remote Reiki (Reiki without you present in-person or virtually) for the remainder of your appointment time and will get a voice note with any messages channeled during your remote Reiki session. If you are late, you will not be able to reschedule your appointment, nor will you receive extra time at the end of the session.

If you are late for more than 3 sessions, you will not be allowed to book additional sessions and you will be invited to find a new practitioner. 

All Photos: Sarajane Herrmann Photography

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