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Personal Crystal Shopping

Personal Crystal Shopping

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Interested in having me shop for a crystal specifically for you?

I'm visiting one of my best suppliers on Nov 2 and would love to help you find the perfect statement piece for your collection or to gift this holiday season!

I'm only taking 10 clients for this, so snag your spot now!

How will this work?

There is a $44 non-refundable fee for my shopping services, which secures your spot. Then there will be a $100 minimum total purchase required. Your total minimum investment is $144, however final budget will be set during our discussion (see below).

Once you pay your deposit, you will receive a link to set up a 15 minute zoom call with me where we will discuss your vision for your new crystal piece. We will talk about what material, shape, and size you're looking for, what intentions you're seeking to support, where you intend to display the piece, and your desired budget. 

Understanding that price per kg varies by material, during our call, I will help you navigate what that looks like for your specific vision. 

Please note: the intent here is to source one (1) statement piece for you. Should you desire multiple statement crystals, please reach out for a custom quote.

If you are looking for a collection of smaller crystals, please choose from what I have available in the shop. Smaller pieces generally require me to purchase an entire flat of them, which I simply cannot do for a custom order.

Rest assured: I will not go over your budget without texting you first.

You may also choose if you want to be surprised (as long as I stay within your parameters) or if you want final approval of selections.

If you want final approval, at roughly 2:30pm Central on Nov 2, I will text you photos of your options. I will need to you be looking for these texts and respond within 30 minutes! I have a short appointment window with the supplier so timely responses will be critical.

You will then receive an invoice on Nov 3 for the balance of your order. Please pay within 48 hours, by Nov 6th.


What if you can't find what I'm looking for on that day?

- The service fee you're paying is for me to find what you're looking for. If it's not available at this particular supplier, I will communicate that to you immediately. I will then reach out to a total of 4 other suppliers before the end of November in an attempt to source the particular crystal you're looking for. If after a total of 5 attempts have been made without a specimen selected, the service will be considered fulfilled and no further attempts will be made.

Again, the service fee is for my time and effort and is not refundable.

When will I get my crystal?

- Your personally selected crystal will ship out after Nov 8, 2023.

Will you still charge them with Reiki?

- Absolutely! I will use Reiki to help me select it in the warehouse and then will cleanse and charge your piece again with Reiki before mailing it out.

I live in St Louis, can I do a porch pick up?

- We can definitely work something out. Please let me know during our call.

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