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Moss Agate Bracelet

Moss Agate Bracelet

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I bought these beads on a whim and I was BLOWN AWAY by how beautiful they are in person. They are like a delicate piece of Spring on your wrist.

Moss Agate is a gentle, uplifting stone. Its connection to nature serves to keep you grounded, thus improving your emotional stability.

What stands out to me most is the refreshing, springtime quality to Moss Agate. It evokes feelings of new beginnings, fresh starts, creativity, growth and limitless potential, but with a very mild, supportive energy. It is definitely the opposite of the intense energy found in say a Carnelian or Honey Calcite.

Affirmation: I am refreshed and revitalized, ready to seize the day.

Details: This listing is for *one* bracelet, made with 3mm micro-faceted beads. All pieces are energetically cleansed and recharged under a full moon, as well as infused with the affirmation given above during packaging, so it arrives fresh and ready to work for you. Feel free to set your own affirmation after you receive your piece.   

Bracelet construction is simple but strong, using the highest quality supplies possible. Please see the sizing guide to figure out which size you should order. If your size is out of stock, order the next larger size and add a note to your order letting us know what size you really need.

Please note the main materials used are made by Mother Nature herself, so actual colors and inclusions will vary. Photos are representative, but may not be of the actual bracelet you will receive.

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