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Merkaba shaped pocket stone

Merkaba shaped pocket stone

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The Merkaba shape is a sacred geometrical shape formed when two tetrahedrons merge to create an 8-pointed star. The word is derived from Hebrew and can be interpreted as chariot and also means light. 

You can use these Merkaba stones as a vehicle to bring more of the intention and divine gifts of the stone you choose into your life.

Please choose the material you prefer below.

Clear Quartz -  Clear Quartz is the master amplifier and the memory keeper. Signifying clarity of thought and purpose, this 8-pointed star will help your intuition guide you.

Tiger Eye - Tiger Eye is a stone of balance, grounding, and strength. This stone will not only support mental clarity through discernment, but she will also revitalize your physical body by activating the first three chakras.

Dalmatian Jasper - is a stone that comforts and has a very maternal energy. It will work to protect your emotional and mental bodies, boosting your ability to set and hold boundaries with others. Reach for this stone when you need comfort, an emotional palate-cleanser, or help holding firm to your boundaries.

Labradorite - Another protector, Labradorite is also the stone of magick and manifestation. It works to help you uncover the treasures hidden below the surface. 

Rhodonite - Rhodonite is my go-to stone for self-love. Rhodonite works deep below the surface and encourages the highest form of self-love there is - self-acceptance. This beautiful stone has a solid, grounding, and stable energy and, in my opinion, should be in absolutely every person's collection. 

Howlite - Howlite works to help you maintain and improve your current emotional equilibrium. It is a powerful tool when you need to work through uncomfortable or negative emotions, like anger and resentment. 

Obsidian - Obsidian is all about protection, working to remove all negative energy in your environment, including any negative attachments or energy leaks you might have. Its inky depths remind us to go within for the greatest source of power and connection to ourselves and Spirit. Reach for this stone when you need to cleanse your energy from negativity or you are doing shadow work.

Details: Each Merkaba measures 0.5" cubed.

All pieces are energetically cleansed and recharged under a full moon, as well as infused with Reiki energy and the affirmation given above during packaging, so it arrives fresh and ready to work for you. Feel free to set your own affirmation after you receive your piece.   

Please note the main materials used are made by Mother Nature herself, so actual colors and inclusions will vary. Photos are representative, but may not be of the actual item you will receive.

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