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Labradorite Meditation Beads

Labradorite Meditation Beads

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Meditation beads are useful when you'd like to work with mantras during your meditation practice or would like a physical item to focus on during your session. Each is constructed from 108 beads and a larger focus bead, with hand-tied knots in between each bead, and a fluffy tassel at the end. As each bead was strung, it was infused with one of the three mantras chosen for this particular set. If you'd like to use your own mantras, feel free! One trip through all 108 beads with your mantras "reprograms" the set for you.

For more information about meditating with a set of these beads, visit our Journal.

Labradorite is my go-to crystal and these charcoal grey and black beads with subtle gold and blue flashes of iridescence are so pretty! Labradorite is the stone of manifestation and opening your direct communication line with Source...the Universe...your Divine if what you will. I've always said that praying is us talking to God, and meditation is when we listen for the response and guidance. If you want to hear the message Source has for you, this is your stone. 

Howlite is the focus bead for this set. Sometimes opening yourself up to all those messages can leave you feeling a bit raw and battered along the edges. Howlite is the hug at the end of your work with these beads, gently reminding you that all of it, every last thing that came up for you, was in service to your Highest Good.

Mantras for Meditating with this set:

  1. I am connected to Source.
  2. I am aligned with my Highest Good.
  3. My actions are divinely guided.

Details: This set of meditation beads is roughly 35 inches in total length. It is made with 6mm Labradorite beads and a 12mm Howlite focus bead. This set is beautiful regardless of whether you choose to display it on a shelf, in a bowl, or wear it as a necklace. You'll be reminded of your connection to Source and your alignment to your own Highest Good. 

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