My Top 4 Tips to Protect Your Energy

My Top 4 Tips to Protect Your Energy

Compassion fatigue is real and oh boy has the last week hit me hard.

As an energy worker and an empath, I have to be SUPER careful about my energy and any leaks it might have.

Here are my top 4 tips, plus a crystal prescription if you're finding yourself in the same boat.

1. Consume content carefully. 

Take today as an "Unfollow Friday" and unsubscribe from 5 emails and unfollow 5 accounts that you either don't connect with anymore or that straight up cause anxiety. Do this every Friday.

Think about ALL the content you consume: radio, news, movies, shows, and books, in addition to social media. If you're overwhelmed it's okay to step away from the newsfeed. It's okay to say no to fiction that tears at your heartstrings or makes you think way too hard. I'm 💯 an escapist in my entertainment because otherwise I get bogged down in emotions that aren't mine and stress my nervous system.

2. Make mindfulness or meditation a non-negotiable part of your day.

If you're a member of The Retreat, then you have access to the Meditation in Moments course. Do yourself a favor and go watch the first lesson on Micro-meditations. You can find micro pockets of time to practice mindfulness. I'm talking about 30 seconds at a stoplight. 

We ALL have 30 seconds and 30 seconds is all you need.

3. Remember you are 💯 in control of how you respond to situations & people.

Far from toxic positivity, this is just a reminder that you get to choose how you respond to your surroundings. Having a mindfulness practice helps this one a lot - but the situation itself is neither good nor bad. It's YOUR STORY/THOUGHTS about it that gives something any meaning at all.

So before you let an email or random comment from someone MEAN something to you, stop and think about the story you're telling yourself around it. Can you think of a completely different story that might be equally true based on the knowledge you have?

The more you can detach from creating wild stories about situations and the people around you, the more you save that energy for things that lift you up.

4. Choose stones that support your intention. 

Having crystals either in your environment or on your person as bracelets or pocket stones will help you remember that you are reclaiming your energy for yourself every time you see them. Having physical reminders in your space will keep your intention of stoping any energy leaks before they even start in the forefront of your mind.

Here's your Crystal Prescription for protecting your energy:

Black Tourmaline is grounding and protective.

Obsidian is highly protective & removes negative energy.

Smoky Quartz is fantastic for clearing out negative energy & helping you focus on taking practical actions when you're feeling spaced out.

Amethyst is another protective stone, as well as supporting your meditation practice.

Bonus tip: if you are attuned to Reiki, you can Reiki any situation and your energy shields to support yourself!

Interested in learning how to channel Reiki?

My level 1 course will be ready in late summer! I'd love to guide you through tapping into Reiki for yourself.

Drop me a message if you want to be on the waitlist for the Freya's Haven Reiki Level 1 Course and Certification. ❤️

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