The Retreat at Freya's Haven

Are you looking to connect with a supportive, online community, but really, really, sick of social media groups?

Me, too.

Hi! I'm Rebe, the Head of the Haven & owner of this little slice of the internet. 


I'm a Reiki practitioner, meditation teacher, crystal lover, and busy boy-mom.

I love reading trashy romances with a nice glass of Pinot Noir in hand. My house is never Instagram-perfect (*see boy-mom) and I cannot be trusted to keep house plants alive.

When I started my self-healing & spiritual journey I was a stressed out Contracts Manager by day, overwhelmed mama to 2 neuro-diverse boys by night, and feeling like a hot-mess 24/7.

I knew I had hit my limit when I was about to lose my shit in the Target parking lot after dealing with one of my son's meltdowns. I could feel my own scream building, but knew that wouldn't be helpful to either of us.

More importantly - That's not who I wanted to be.

I didn't want to scream at my kiddo, say things I would regret to my spouse, or snap at my coworkers. I didn't want to be disappointed in myself.

So I started learning. And experimenting. And figuring out how to find my sense of inner peace, keep my cool, and stay aligned with who I wanted to become - all while dealing with a hectic schedule that had little room for extras.

My resulting spiritual & mental health practices have changed my life - and I want that for you, too.

I want to show you how these practices that seem so, well, freaking weird, can be simple and practical ways for you to reclaim and revitalize your connection to yourself and the divine being of your choice.

I remember how I felt starting out:

  • Am I weird for wanting a deck of tarot cards?
  • Where can I even find crystals to buy?
  • Will my "normal" friends judge me for being too woo-woo?
  • If I go to a store that sells this stuff, will they laugh at my stupid questions and know I'm not woo-woo enough?

I was lucky to find an amazing online community that helped guide me and gave me a safe place to explore all the topics I was curious about and then some. That community introduced me to Reiki, which has allowed me to heal and reform my soul in a way nothing else ever has.

That community was critical for me. Sadly, it has disbanded now, but here I am now - determined to recreate a safe space for other newcomers and explorers to shed their anxiety and learn how to nurture their own spirit.

Sound good?

Join The Retreat at Freya's Haven to connect with an amazing group of souls and get so much more than just a community.


I'm sure if you're on social media at all, your mind jumped right to a Facebook group, right? Well, unfortunately, inclusive, supportive, and woo-lovin', not to mention private and uplifting isn't exactly the environment I find these days on social media - FB in particular. 

So, I went searching for a better solution for us both.

The Retreat will be hosted on Mighty Networks - a private app and web platform that is free from 3rd party ads, algorithms, trolls, and distractions like doom-scrolling. 


 Screen shots of the Retreat at Freya's Haven

Building The Retreat on Mighty Networks, gives us a stand-alone app for chatting with the community, getting together virtually, and learning through the courses available.

You can choose your own adventure, by selecting the subscription plan that works best for you.

Then there are 3 monthly subscription options.

At the base level, you access to the community, exclusive content shared only here, a monthly Simple Spirituality Guide, plus quarterly virtual group Reiki sessions.

Starting at $22 a month, you get access to the community, monthly virtual group Reiki sessions, plus virtual shopping opportunities and discounts at Freya's Haven.

The top tier is $99 a month, which provides you with monthly one-on-one virtual Reiki sessions with me, plus all the amenities for the other tiers - the community, meditation course, group Reiki sessions, and discounts.


Someone once said, “If you look at the circle of people around you and you’re not inspired – you don’t have a circle. You have a cage.”



I felt just like that a few years ago when I first started on my journey of exploring and using crystals, lunar cycles, astrology, tarot, and Reiki. There was literally ONE person in my life who was into any of those things.

I felt like I was odd for wanting to connect to nature, the sun, moon, & stars, crystals, and my own intuition. I felt like I was doing something wrong and people would judge me for my interests, yet at the same time, it was literally all I wanted to talk about as I delved deeply into creating a spiritual practice and finding what worked for me.

Community is so important, not only for our mental wellbeing, but also our physical health. Studies into the areas of the world where the highest average lifespans are found have shown that beyond diet & exercise, it is the presence of a tight-knit community that indicates a group of people will live longer lives.

That’s why an inclusive, supportive, woo-lovin’ community is the foundational heartbeat of The Retreat at Freya’s Haven.

Then when you add in all the education and Reiki energy work and blessings?

I hope your intuition is jumping up and down, telling you what a good deal this is!

Join us now!