Freya's Haven - What's in a name?

Freya's Haven - What's in a name?

A Lego Viking sits on a shelf with a several stones and candles. The text reads, "Freya's Haven - What's in a name?"


"Why Freya's Haven? What's the story there?"

My best friend was reviewing my website last week and as she was giving me all her input on typos and inconsistent capitalization, she asked me why Freya's Haven is called Freya's Haven.

Well, I will tell you.

And it has to do with that tiny Viking up there, proudly guarding all my other treasures.

He's there because when I look at my genealogy I am one-half Swedish and the other half pure American mutt. Seriously. For my dad's set of grandparents, I have their papers from Ellis Island, dating somewhere around 1912. On my mom's side? We go back to a great-times-whatever-grandfather who was the personal bodyguard for General George Washington during the Revolution. I'm such a mishmash of European and Native American and who knows what that I'm just...American.

So, when I started thinking about naming this passion project of mine, I didn't want to use something from a culture I couldn't call my own, so I looked to Scandinavia for my inspiration.

Freya is one of the strongest Goddesses in Norse mythology. She's in charge of love and battle; birth and death. She embraces dichotomies well. She is the queen of "AND ALSO," which is something I've worked on a lot this past year. I can be sad AND ALSO be grateful - all at the same time.

I also chose the word Haven because I want this space online and my future physical store to be just that - a haven. A safe place to learn, rest, rejuvenate your spirit, and find a Piece of Peace you'd like to take home with you.

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Hey✨… Met you at Witches Night Out, and just wanted to tell you that you were my favorite vendor…I was the one who bought the two crescent moon selenite stones (which I Love). I can’t wait for your physical store or next event…lmk…and Blessed Be 🌙✨🌙✨🌙


Love the Swedish name! It is too my background! How is your Papa doing?.


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