Crystal Prescription for April

Crystal Prescription for April

April is BIG ENERGY with a LOT happening in the skies. 

First, the Sun moving into Aries started the zodiacal new year in late March with all the Cardinal (initiation) Fire energy Aries brings. (Think about all the creation energy embodied by spring - that's Aries.) 

Then yesterday saw the once-in-a-lifetime conjunction of Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and Neptune is the planet of your subconscious and connection to spirit, but also your desires and goals. With them meeting up in Pisces we are being asked to consider, "Where can we let things be easier?" and "Can I make this simpler and still achieve my desires?" We will continue to feel this energy for the rest of April. Double down on your morning rituals and meditate on this: "Help me see how how much bigger my dreams could be. Where am I playing small?"

Later at the end of the month we have the start of eclipse season with a partial solar eclipse with the new moon in Taurus. Eclipses are interrupters and shake up or sometimes accelerate the areas of our lives where we have the signs of Taurus and Scorpio in our personal charts.

Given all this, along with the Sun moving into Taurus (4/19), it's a lot so don't feel alone if you're feeling buffeted a bit.

Here are the stones I'll be reaching for on repeat:

Rainbow Fluorite (the stone pictured above) for mental focus and strategic thinking. This is especially handy for all the students about to take finals!

Mystic Merlinite for a connection to your deepest, truest self.

Labradorite so you can confidently share your truth with others.

Flower Agate for manifestation and connecting your Root and Heart chakras for self-acceptance. 

Obsidian for the ultimate in energetic protection.

Fire Quartz for emotional balance and grounding.

Fancy Jasper for accepting yourself as whole and worthy just as you are.

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