Creating a Sacred Space

Creating a Sacred Space

Years ago, when I heard the word "altar" I would either think about some giant echoing stone cathedral or a super witchy table with dark candle wax flowing all over it, jars with who-knows-what in them, and a tattered grimoire on it.

Does that sound familiar to you?

Since deepening my spiritual practice, I've come to realize that creating a sacred space, or altar if you like, can be simple, discreet, attractive, and a place that calms and rejuvenates your mind and energy.

I love having multiple small areas tucked around my house that remind me of my intentions and bring me joy.

I have my most personal and expansive area spanning 2 shelves in a bookcase in my office. There I keep my journal, favorite set of tarot cards (The Wild Unknown by Kim Kranz), eleventy-million crystals, money and small trinkets from all over the globe to call in prosperity & more travel, a Viking statue to honor my Swedish heritage, cards and items given to me by my boys, photos of family, and a few candles.

I have a small grouping of crystals on my fireplace mantle, on the entertainment center, and on my nightstand. While some crystals rotate through these areas as I feel like changing things up, others have been specifically chosen for that room. For instance, the Shungite pyramid always sits next to the router under the TV because it absorbs Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation. In my bedroom, I have Green Moonstone for dreams and Garnet, well, just because. Ahem. 😉

I also keep a group of my favorite stones, along with a card displaying the 5 Reiki Principles, near my rack of crystal bracelets. Selecting my jewelry for the day turns into a mini-mindfulness session where I get to take a moment to check in with myself and set my intention for the day.

If you're looking to create a sacred space in your home or office, it's simpler than you think!

First, pick out a corner of a shelf, table, or dresser that may just be collecting junk. Find a new home for everything there and give it a good cleaning. If smoke clearing is part of your practice, do so as part of this step.

Next take a moment to consider what your vision is for this space. Do you want it to blend in with your decor? Do you have a specific purpose for it, like a meditation corner? 

After you have an idea of the look and feel you're calling into this space, gather up all the items you think might work. Collect more items than you think you'll need so you can play and swap items in and out until you hit just the right combination.

As you have now brought new items into the space, you may wish to smoke cleanse it again. If you've included a piece of Selenite, you can skip this step. Selenite is a natural purifier so it will cleanse the items around it and keep the space's energy clear going forward.

And lastly, take a moment to enjoy the transformation of your space!

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