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Freya's Haven

Sweet Grass Braid

Sweet Grass Braid

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4 inch braids of our farm's fresh California Sweet Grass for an amazing aroma!

Smoke cleansing with organic Sweetgrass is used for purification of the spirit, and attracting positive, light energy. Its sweet, vanilla-like scent gives a calming effect when used during rituals and circles.

Also called Seneca grass, holy grass, & vanilla grass, this herb has been called the sacred hair of Gaia, Mother Earth. 

Smoke cleansing/clearing with native plants has been used by many cultures globally and is also a part of my own practice.

It is important to note that while cleansing or clearing the energy of a space/person with smoking bundles of herbs is commonly referred to as "smudging" - smudging is specific to the indigenous peoples and nations of North America. 

There is also great controversy within the metaphysical and spiritual communities about the use of sage, palo santo, and other materials traditionally used by indigenous peoples.

To be respectful of all these concerns, I've partnered with a farm in California that grows all their own herbs organically, hand-harvests, hand-ties, and drys every bundle in the sun so you have the most ethically, sustainably grown clearing bundles I can source.

As always, every item sold at Freya's Haven has been blessed with Reiki to support your spiritual practices and your Highest Good.

You will receive a 4" hand-tied bundle of sweet grass, which will be selected for you.

You can also find lavender, rosemary, and white sage smoke cleansing bundles here.

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This information does not intend to serve as medical advice and should not be relied upon in your health-related decision making. Any information is solely meant to assist in expanding your knowledge of prevailing metaphysical beliefs.