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Pocket of Peace: Mystic Merlinite

Pocket of Peace: Mystic Merlinite

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Pockets of Peace - Mini Meditation beads are perfect for working meditation into those shorter "pockets" of time in your schedule. This set will work first thing in the morning, during carpool, your lunch break, or for a short meditation session post-workout.

While they are too long to wear as a bracelet, they fit nicely in your pocket (Get it?? 😉  sorry...I had to...) and will look great displayed in your ritual area or among your other treasures. 

Each is constructed from 27 beads and a focus bead, with hand-tied knots of silk cord in between each bead and a silk tassel at the end.

As each bead was strung, it was infused with one of the 3 mantras chosen for this particular set. If you'd like to use your own mantras, feel free! One trip around the beads with your selected mantras "reprograms" the set for you. 

For more information about meditating with a set of these beads, visit our Journal.

Mystic Merlinite, named for the mystical wizard from Arthurian legend, appropriately is a stone associated with some pretty magical properties. As such, this is definitely the most metaphysical (or "woo") stone this shop has carried. It has been said to aid those wishing to connect and communicate with the spiritual world.

Black Merlinite serves as a connection to your deepest unconscious self - the kernel of you that is still connected to Divine Source. It is the place of your strongest intuition and wildest creativity, being unsullied by cultural norms and beliefs.

Meditating with this stone can connect you to this version of you, allowing you to do deep shadow work. It can be frightening to meet this "primal" self, but critical in order to reintegrate the parts of yourself you may have been taught to deny even exist. It is time to remember and become whole once again.

Mantras for Meditation with this set:

  1. I embrace the journey within my subconscious.
  2. I am healing and reintegrating each piece of myself as I discover it.
  3. I know nothing I discover can change my inherent worth as a person, which is sacred and unchangeable.

Details: This set of meditation beads measures 9 inches in total length, with a circumference of 11.25 inches. It is too long to wear like a bracelet. It is made with 10mm Merlinite beads and a 10mm Merlinite focus bead. These beads are luxuriously sized for running through your fingers during meditation. 

Please note the main materials used are made by Mother Nature herself, so actual colors and inclusions will vary. Photos are representative, but may not be of the actual piece you will receive.

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