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Freya's Haven

Marcasite Tower

Marcasite Tower

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Marcasite has been valued since antiquity for both its beauty and metaphysical properties. 

Marcasite supports effective communication of your boundaries, as it is often found with varieties of blue agate. It is a pragmatic & protective stone, helping you achieve balance between your physical and spiritual needs, ground back into your body, cleansing your aura, and helps prevent burnout. 

It also motivates you to take action and co-create your dreams with the Universe to bring them to fruition.

Perhaps the best reminder Marcasite is here to give us, brings us back to the old adage, "As above so below, as within so without." This applies on both a cosmic scale as well as a personal one. Not only are we reflections of the Universe, but our inner mental and spiritual worlds reflect on our physical world and vice versa. You must take care of both and work to achieve balance.

Affirmation: My energy is stable and in alignment with my Highest Good and the Universe.

Details: Two sizes of towers are available. This listing is for *ONE SPECIMEN* which will be intuitively selected for you, in the size you choose.

Size 1 is smaller, with each tower measuring approximately 2" tall, 0.75" wide. 

Size 2 is larger, with each tower measuring approximately 2.75" tall, 1.0" wide. 

All pieces are energetically cleansed and recharged under a full moon, as well as infused with Reiki just for you during packaging, so it arrives fresh and ready to serve your highest good. Feel free, though, to set your own affirmation after you receive your piece(s).

Please note the main materials used are made by Mother Nature herself, so actual colors and inclusions will vary. 

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This information does not intend to serve as medical advice and should not be relied upon in your health-related decision making. Any information is solely meant to assist in expanding your knowledge of prevailing metaphysical beliefs.