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Meditation Bundle

Meditation Bundle

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Meditation sounds easy but "stilling your mind" can be one of the hardest things to do. Having a couple of touchstones and holding them while you meditate can not only help you focus your thoughts but can actually support and direct your meditation in a specific way.

This bundle was created to help you slow down the racing chatter in your brain, tap into your inner knowing, and create the space you need to listen.

Prayer is the act of speaking to the Divine - meditation is shutting up and listening for the response.

The Meditation Bundle includes one each of the following stones:

Lapis Lazuli (blue with gold and white flecks) - This stone has been used since the pharaohs of Egypt for its ability to connect people to their inner vision and through that to the spiritual realm. Lapis also works on honest communication, allowing your own truths to reveal themselves to you during meditation.

Rainbow Moonstone (white with black patches and spots of iridescence) - This joyful stone fosters a sense of peace, shining gentle light into the dark spaces of your mind and life. Rainbow Moonstone celebrates your unique spark, reveling in the masterpiece that is you - just as you are.

Amethyst (purple) - Amethyst works similarly to Lapis Lazuli, but also has a strong protective quality. It's included here to ensure that whatever comes up during your meditation is for your highest good and to protect you while you are in an open, receiving state.

Labradorite (grey stone with blue or golden flash) - This stone is straight-up magic. Its calming influence will allow your innate strengths to rise, especially around your intuition and connection to the divine being of your choice.

Clear QuartzQuartz is a nearly universal stone, occurring and revered in most world cultures, from Japan to Europe to the Americas. It is a highly versatile master amplifier, working to bolster any other stones it's paired with, as well as any intentions you set while holding it.

Affirmations for the Meditation Bundle:

  • My mind is still.
  • I am open to receiving guidance and wisdom from the Universe.
  • I will listen to even the smallest whispers, trusting it is all working towards my Highest Good and harms none.
DetailsThis listing is for a bundle of five stones, one each of the varieties listed above. All pieces are energetically cleansed and recharged under a full moon, as well as infused with the affirmations provided during packaging, so it arrives fresh and ready to work for you. Please feel free, though, to set your own affirmation after you receive your piece(s).   

Please note these stones are made by Mother Nature herself, so actual colors and inclusions will vary. Photos are representative, not of the actual stones you will receive.

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This information does not intend to serve as medical advice and should not be relied upon in your health-related decision making. Any information is solely meant to assist in expanding your knowledge of prevailing metaphysical beliefs.