Rebe, why do you love crystals so much?

Rebe, why do you love crystals so much?

So why crystals and all this stuff?

A clear phantom quartz tower is held by a woman's hand in front of a dark background so you can see the phantom point inside it.  an 8 inch tall boulder of polished labradorite flashes with blue and gold iridescence
A few years ago I hit a tipping point. I was stressed out, disconnected, & deeply unhappy. I knew I wanted to be a better person for myself, for my husband, & for my two young boys. I was in therapy, but it wasn't making the dent I was hoping it would. I wanted to start a mediation practice, but had no clue how.

One day, I was listening to a podcast & discovered their recent shows had been on topics like tarot, astrology, & crystals. I was fascinated by how all these women had walked through their own struggles and used these tools to connect with their inner spirit and intuition to come out the other side, strong, happy, and at peace.

I wanted that for myself. Peace. I'd been desperately searching for it for years. Inner peace. And an unshakable Knowing and Trusting of myself. I wanted to like myself again. So I started learning and working on myself.

And then I bought my first crystal.

Oh, what an obsession that sparked! The thing I love about having a bracelet or a stone to sit on my desk or slip into a pocket is the PHYSICAL reminder it gives me of the intention I've set for the day.

Do I get enjoyment directly from them? Sure. They're gorgeous! But it's more about reminding myself throughout the day of how I wanted to FEEL when I chose that stone. Was I trying to be more accepting of myself? Be calmer in the elementary carpool? Be focused and productive - knocking things off my to-do list?

Every time I see my bracelets it's a reminder of who I want to be & what I want to feel. To stop and breathe. To find that Piece of Peace, wherever I am, no matter what's happening.

I want that for you! Have you thought about what you want to *feel* in 2021? Let me know below and I'll suggest a stone for you to check out! 

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