How to tell the difference between intuition and fear

How to tell the difference between intuition and fear

I am finally wrapping up the process of moving both my grandma and my mom simultaneously cross-state and radically downsizing their homes.

The Universe provided us with solutions for them both that were 95% perfect - the only hitch was the timing. It had to be NOW, but they had next spring in their heads as the right time to make any moves.

Any move comes with anxiety. Period. Moving as much as I did with the Air Force, I know that intimately. But as I sat on the driveway having a "car talk" with my mom about saying yes and moving now, I could see anxiety, fear, and doubt having a parade inside her head.

I asked her, "What does your intuition say?"

She looked a bit bewildered as she responded, "How do I know it's my intuition and not something else?"

After years of doing this work - the work of connecting deeply with myself and Source - here's what I told my mom:

A list of the different ways Intuition and Anxiety show up in our minds and bodies.
Intuition is a knowing - it doesn't need to convince you.
Intuition comes from/lands in your heart or gut.
An intuitive message will come in a flash, but then settle into a steady, solid message that feels right.
Taking action on your intuition may create short-term stress, hard work, or drama, but you feel like the end-result solves more problems long-term than it creates.
Your intuition is always working in your best interest, even though sometimes following it will be scary.

Anxiety is like a piranha - it's sharp and circles you looking for an opportunity to bite.
Anxiety is 100% in your brain/ego, screaming "if you do this, you will dieeeeeee"
Anxiety will feel the need to escalate its message in intensity and frequency, in order to convince you. (The Universe/your intuition will just sit back to see what you're going to do. It is unphased either way.)

Anxiety is generally focused on all the negative outcomes - the catastrophe that is coming, all the things that will have to be done that just aren't worth it/you don't have the energy for/etc.

Then I asked her to evaluate 2 sets of statements and let me know which one felt like the intuitive hit she was getting:

Messages for moving:

Intuition: This is the right solution for me, even though it's a lot sooner than I thought it would arrive.

Anxiety: If you don't move now there will never be another option and your daughter won't want to help you and you need to run and snag this and move. Move now. Get away from here. Run!

Messages against moving:

Intuition: No. This isn't the right place for me. Despite looking perfect on paper, this isn't my place. It is not the right time.

Anxiety: What the hell are you thinking? Your spouse just died 2 months ago. It's too soon. You're not ready. You haven't gone through anything yet. There's a mountain of stuff here. You're being disloyal. You're not honoring the life you shared here with your husband. You're throwing it away.

You could see the answer on her face and in her shoulders - her intuition was FOR moving and it was anxiety telling her to stay put.

The next time you have to make a big decision, run through the messages you're getting and think through what intuition and anxiety might say about the options you're considering. See if you can identify the one from your intuition and then you'll have your answer.

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