A rainbow fluorite tower is held by a woman's hand.

Fluorite - Rainbow, Purple, Green & Clear

A rainbow fluorite tower is held by a woman's hand.
Fluorite is an energetic powerhouse, absorbing and dispelling stress and worry while bolstering your ability to focus. This means that she’ll help you move past that fight you had with your sister and let go of  all the drama in the world that’s not yours to shoulder.
With all that cleared off your mind, the focus boost means you will be able to set goals and crush them. I mean it! Regardless of if your goal is to just soak in the peaceful vibes this beauty gives off or to knock one of those lurking, lingering, totally annoying things off your to-do list once and for all -- this lady has your back. I never sit down for a session with my planner without a hunk of rainbow fluorite nearby or my bracelet on!
Fluorite can come in many colors, with the most common being clear, green, and purple, along with some pieces that contain all three! Certain colors have more specific uses. Purple is the best for stabilizing emotions and allowing you to connect with your own spirit and the divine being of your choice. Green cleanses the heart and makes sure your decisions are aligned with your integrity. Clear Fluorite helps with your focus, removing confusion, and moving forward. Rainbow Fluorite combines and amplifies all these attributes, especially bringing order to chaos.

Affirmation: My mind and spirit are clear of any negative emotions or attachments, leaving me grounded and focused on moving forward in alignment with goals that serve my highest good.

Keywords: cleansing, emotional stability, focus, concentration, start here, clarity, meditation 
Fluorite is available in the shop as a bracelet and is included in several of the Intention Bundles (Relaxation, Abundance, and Get Shit Done).
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