Crystal-Infused Reiki

Crystal-Infused Reiki

Will you be able to tell a difference between Reiki with or without crystals?

My clients routinely tell me they've never had Reiki sessions like mine, so I think that's a yes! 

I love combining crystals into my Reiki practice, but what does that mean for you, the client?

As I tap into your energy during our session I will intuitively choose from a selection of palm stones to enhance the Reiki energy I'm sending your way. I hold them in my hands while I'm channeling and often will "park" them on one of your chakras while I move on to another.

For example, if I can tell your anxiety is running rampant, I will grab a Lepidolite (calming & emotional balance) in one hand and a black tourmaline (grounding & protective) in the other and work on the energy in your third eye for a while.

As I move on to your heart space, I might leave the Lepidolite on your third eye and grab a Blue Calcite to soothe your emotions.

Then I always use Selenite to cleanse and seal up your energetic field at the end of the session so you're all set until our next session together!

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